Installation – Lotus Notes or Domino 5.0

This document provides instructions for installing SSL Certificates. If you are unable to use these instructions for your server, VeriSign recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or an organization that supports Domino R5.

Step 1: Install CA Certificate

Secure Site
If you are installing a Secure Site Certificate, you need to first install the Secure Site Intermediate CA Certificate.

Secure Site Pro
If you are installing a Secure Site Pro Certificate, you need to first install the Secure Site Pro Intermediate CA Certificate.

1. Copy the intermediate certificate to your clipboard.

2. Open the Server Certificate Admin database and click “View & Edit Key Rings”.

3. Click “Select Key Ring to Display” and enter your server’s key ring file.

4. Click “Create Key Rings & Certificates” option in the Server Certificate Admin database.

5. Click “Install Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring.”

6. Enter the server’s key ring file name in the Key Ring Information section.

7. In the “Certificate Label” field enter the following text: VeriSign International Server CA – Class 3.

8. Return to the Domino Server Certificate Admin document. Paste this text from VeriSign into the “Certificate from Clipboard” area.

9. Click the “Merge Trusted Root Certificate into Key Ring” button. This adds the certificate to your key ring.

Step 2: Install the SSL Certificate

VeriSign will email you your certificate. If the certificate is an attachment (Cert.cer), you can use the file. If the certificate is in the body of the email, copy and paste it into a text file (such as OriginalCert.txt) using Vi or Notepad. Do not use Microsoft Word or other word processing programs that may add characters. Confirm that there are no extra lines or spaces in the file.

1. In Notes, from the administration panel, click System Databases and choose Open Domino Server Certificate Administration (CERTSRV.NSF) on the local machine.

2. Click Install Certificate into Key Ring.

3. Enter the file name for the key ring that will store this certificate. You created this key ring file when you created the server certificate request.

4. Choose one of the following options:

If you copied the contents of the certificate to the clipboard in Step 1, select Clipboard in the “Certificate Source” field. Paste the clipboard contents into the next field.


If you received a file that contained your certificate in Step 1, detach the file to your hard drive and select File in the “Certificate Source” field. Enter the file name in the File name field.

5. Click “Merge Certificate into Key Ring.”

6. Enter the password for the server key ring file and click OK to approve the merge.