install – Oracle Wallet Manager

To install an SSL certificate for Oracle Wallet Manager or Application Server 10g, follow these steps:

Step 1.  Download the Root and Intermediate Certificate

  1. In order to download the root, go to  SO4785
  2. In order to download the intermediate, go to:
    and select the CA certificate for your product.

    NOTE: When downloading the Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) certificate, ensure that you select the appropriate one for your SSL certificate: Secure Site with EV Certificates (Secure Server) or Secure Site Pro with EV Certificates (Global).

    If you are not sure which certificate you have purchased, follow these steps:

a) Go to:
b) Type your Common Name or Order Number and click Search.
c) Click the certificate name for your certificate.

Step 2.  Import the Root and Intermediate Certificate

  1. Open Oracle Wallet Manager
  2. Select OperationsImport Trusted Certificate
  3. Select Paste the Certificate
  4. Click OK
  5. Paste the certificate into the text box
  6. Click OKOK

A message at the bottom of the window confirms that the trusted certificate was successfully installed.

Note: Remember to save changes to the Wallet after importing the Trusted Root Certificate and before closing the Wallet. The Root Certificate Authority (CA) certificate must be placed in the Trusted Certificates list. If the Root CA certificate is already in the Trusted Certificates list, your certificate is imported without additional steps. Repeat these steps to install the Root and the intermediate(s) (EV certificates use 2 intermediates, non-EV certificates use 1 intermediate).

Step 3.  Import the Certificate

  1. After you receive the approval email sent from VeriSign, download the attached cert.cer file or copy the embedded text in the approval message to a .txt file.
  2. From the Operations menu, click Import User Certificate. The Import Certificate dialog box appears.
  3. Click Paste the certificate, and then click OK. Another Import Certificate dialog box appears with the following message:Please provide a base64 format certificate and paste it below.
    Paste the certificate into the dialog box, and choose OK.
  4. Click OK.
  5. When this is completed a message at the bottom of the window confirms that the certificate was successfully installed. The Oracle Wallet Manager main window reappears, and the status of the corresponding entry in the left panel subtree changes to Ready.

The actual certificate request becomes part of the wallet. You can reuse any certificate request to obtain a new certificate. However, you cannot edit an existing certificate request.

For more information, visit the following Oracle Web site: